Calibrate the compass UpAir One V3

Gten says that the V3 doesn’t need calibrating..
That might be true, but calibrating the compass is a good thing to do, and is very important as well in case of a RTL.
If you use RTL and the compass orientation is not good you might get a fly away!
Also when you have a lot of toiletbowling you might want to calibrate the compass.

Some people say that hovering in ALTHOLD and turning 2x 360 left and 2x 360 right is enough to calibrate.
I have never noticed any difference, and I don’t think that will work to be honest.

If you want to calibrate the V3 you do need missionplanner, and you can download that in this post

You can only do the calibration if you have done the USB Mod

Once you have prepared everything it is important to watch this video from the marker I have set.
That shows you exactly how to calibrate your compass, and that will stop toiletbowling and any other compass related issues!

Be sure you have set the rotation to ROLL_270!! that is VERY important! otherwise the calibration will fail!
Make sure you are at least 1m away from any metal objects before you start calibrating.




  1. i crashed the upair one . it suddenly took off and, i was not able to control it, i had no reponse using the controls, it slammed into a fence, and broke to camera off, and pulled all the wires and connectors out of the circuit board. can you repair these ?

  2. hi, I tried to connect the upair to MP but on my pc does not give me the drivers when I connect the usb, how can I find the drivers?

  3. Hey Olaf! Just curious…is there any benefit for a V4 (PX4)? My understanding is that they’re ‘auto-calibrating’. Again…just wondering.


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