Balance UpAir One camera

As an UpAir One owner you might have noticed that the integrated camera falls to 1 side when you switch off your drone.
This is due to the weight of the gimbal motor that controls the tilt of the camera.
In my opinion this weight on 1 side has influence on the motor that controls the roll of the camera.

I decided I wanted to balance the camera, this becaused a good balanced camera adds to a good working gimbal, resulting in better video and photo.

Please be advised that I don’t know if this works on the older gimbals with action cams, this mod is only for the integrated 2k and 4k camera.

To do this mod it is recommended that you have done the USB mod on the gimbal.

although it is not necessary, calibrating it after the mod is always good.

For this mod you will need the following tools.

A hot glue gun, a kitchen scale, 2 or more washers and a little screwdriver. You might as well keep your wallet close as you might need a coin as well.. I’ll explain later.

First you need to find out how much counterweight you need.
Use the washers to create enough counterweight until the camera stays level.

I needed 2 washers to create enough weight, depending on the washers you use you could need more.

Putting the washers on the scale showed me 12 grams of weight to add.

Take the rear of the camera from the camera taking out the four screws.

Put the rear cover together with the washers on the scale and look at the total weight. In my case it was 44 grams, this could be different for you!

Now, find a coin that is around 2 grams lighter than the washers, I have used a 50 Eurocent coin, and superglue that to the weight that is already in the rear cover.

Put some hot-glue around the corners to equal the weight that was measured with the washers, again that could be different for you.
Put the modded cover on the scale, and it should weigh the same as the cover and the washers measured before

Let it all dry, and put the rear cover back on the camera.

Now the camera should stay level.

And here is a video to show the result.

When you are finished it is good to calibrate the gimbal.
This page shows you how to do it.
And on this page are all the tools needed.