Balance Propellers

We have all seen footage from ourselves, or others that had a lot of vibration or so called jello.
9 out of 10 times this is caused by unbalanced propellers.

Unbalanced propellers will cause vibrations in the drone, and that will not only affect your video or photo, but vibration is also bad for your motors and the bearings in the motor.

No matter where you buy your propellers, and how cheap or expensive they are, checking them for balance is always good. Most propellers you buy are not balanced properly, checking them is always good!

Balancing is very easy, and you don’t even need an expensive balancer, even though it’s recommended to use one.

There are many, many different propellers, and just as many different propeller balancers.
I am not going to discuss the good or bad about balancers, they all do the same thing.

Here are some examples of what you could use to balance your propellers.

This is with a purpose build propeller balancer.

Some people use glasses and a rod.

Even old VCR tapes might come in handy.

Bottom line of balancing is that both sides of the propeller need to bed equally heavy.
A well balanced propeller doesn’t tilt to one sidebut stays there where you leave it. If it moves one way or another it is unbalanced.

If you use one of the above ways to check the balance, and 1 side tilts down, you already know that the prop is out of balance.
If 1 side tilts down you need to sand a little bit if that side of the propeller to make it lighter.
You can use any fine grain sanding paper, and you just sand of little bits every time.
Repeat this until the propeller is perfectly level in whichever balancer you use.

You can also uses sellotape to add weight on the opposite side.
So, instead of sanding off excess weight from the heavy side, you use sellotape to add weight to the opposite side to get balance. some say that sanding is better, some say using sellotape is better. Some people even use nail polish as extra weight.

Bottomline is that the propeller needs to be balanced, and it doesn’t really matter how you achieve that.
A balanced propeller is better for the bearings in your motor, and it takes care of vibration and jello in your photo’s and video’s

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