Drones4Life has started in 2016, After a few months we have already reached over 10.000 visitors per month!
Before spring of 2016 I had never seen a drone, until a family member showed me one, now it’s june 2017 and I am reviewing drones, and can say that the site has reached 20k monthly visits, and that makes me very happy. I want to thank all of my visitors for the great support! I am happy to help you!

Why did I start Drones4Life?

Since this hobby is so nice I wanted a platform to share my thoughts about things, and this is why Drones4Life started.
I found out that I struggled at times finding information I wanted or needed, and sometimes the information was just too difficult to understand.
This gave me the idea to write in my own words, but for everyone to understand, what I have found out or learned.
Every repair I do, or upgrade I do gets documented for everyone else to read and learn from.
Parts I use get documented, links to the parts get shared, and whenever I find something that could be useful I share it as well.

The drone hobby is a fast growing hobby, and new drones appear everyday.
I also post my reviews of drones I own, just to help people decide when they are buying their first drone.
Links to drones I think could get you started in this great hobby are also on the site.
As you might have found out already I want to focus on the absolute beginners and the people that know a thing or 2 about drones.
I am not focussing on professionals and racers for a reason.
Professionals use gear that not everyone can afford, It’s no use writing about something that I don’t know anything about. Professionals know where to go, they don’t need this site to get the information they need.
The same applies for racers. most of the racers are self built, or have drones that are not available in shops. Again, they know where to go to get the information they need.
However, there are ready to fly racers that I will pay attention to!

Drones4Life is here to get you started, and get you excited about this great hobby! but Drones4Life is also here to keep you flying!
I hope you all have a great time reading here, and if you have ANY ideas, let me know.
You can always drop an email to info(AT)drones4life.nl

Thank you!