Where to get UpAir One parts

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One major concern for people that own, or want to buy an UpAir One drone is parts availability.
GTen doesn’t have a great customer service, but we can manage ourselves!

I want to have some parts for you right here on this page.
There are more and more parts available, apart from the mainboard you are able to replace every part.

Batteries (Drone)
Batteries (Controller)


35c 3rd party batteries  (For the drone)
Only need the cover from the battery mod
Gimbal for action cam (Also for newest models)
Gimbal with integrated 2K/4K camera
Transmitter Mainboard
Body Shell
Charger for drone battery
Landing Gear
Controller FPV Antenna
Gimbal Dampers

25 thoughts on “Where to get UpAir One parts

  1. great to know you can get parts for the upair. I don’t know if this is the right page to comment on, but after stripping my upair one to the bare bones as per Cruzroy, I discovered that I didn’t have a usb port at all.The only connector that resembles the place where Cruzroy’s was in his video was a small plastic socket, where obviously the GTen people have loaded their firmware and then removed the plug! Anyone else found this, or am I just lucky that way.

  2. Hi, Yes that seems to be the same as my connector, but where do I find the proper plug to fit it. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a cable with that particular fitting to usb, or am I missing something here? I don’t suppose the micro usb fits in there.

  3. Hi, I have tried to purchase this cable using the link you sent but it obviously doesn’t post to u.k.as when I try to retrieve postage costs it only allows pick up from Shenzhen! Can this not be purchased closer to home?

  4. Hello there, what is the 6 pin connector called on the UPair One?
    It’s on the top of the camera where the wires are hiding.

  5. My micro mini usb plug broke off “V-4” board. Do you have replacement and can i replace with newer plug type board as mentioned in previous comment?

    Would appreciate information, thank you

  6. Lol, don’t know the name of board. It’s the smaller one with the mini USB in-port.
    USB plug positioned so close to a capacitor that it broke of from board. (Usb).
    G10 did reply to me! Ends up they no longer have board in stock. G10 stop production of Up air Chase One. They are coming out with new model soon.
    FYI, I did inform Lily (contact person from G10) of improvement’s recommend by me and problems I’ve read about there products and supports.
    Thanks for reply!!!
    Zachary (Honolulu, Hawaii)

  7. Oh, sorry re-read your comment. I heard other Chase Ones have a pin connection to board and not mini-usb. Mine was usb that broke off from board. Yes I can trace and identify the 4 lines (I know there’s 5 on usb) but trying to solder a wire to board is almost impossible. For me! Lol

  8. Hi, I have an UPAIR one (NOT UP AIR CHASE), and I was wondering, inside the quad is a “MOTHER BOARD” . It sits right above where you slide the battery in. I have owned two of these quads and both have smoked these boards from VERY minor bumps. first of all, why are these quads so fragile? second, is it even possible to buy and replace this “MOTHER BOARD” or is my quad now just a fancy door stop? thanks for any info VERY FRUSTRATED!

  9. Unfortunately I just notice the wording at the top of this page that said “APART FROM THE MAIN BOARD, ANY PART CAN BE ORDERED” , That sucks because the main board is what I believe I need. I only got 1 flight out of mine and only about 3 minutes and it literally just bump into the grill on my patio, and when I say barely bumped it, that’s what I mean. It bumped and I cut the throttle and it landed back down. I took the battery out to make sure everything was ok, when I plugged it back in and turned it on, smoke started coming from where the battery slides in, so I quick unplugged it just to see if mabe I did something wrong and I noticed inside that a corner of the main board had melted. Now I can only assume that the bump into the grill was what made this happen. My questions are 1. why is this thing that fragile and 2. why cant you purchase the main board. THIS SUCKS. I was thinking maybe it was just a fluke so I bought another, used of coarse, couldn’t afford another $400 so the second one I only lost $275 because the second one did the exact same thing, the only difference is I got slightly more flight time out of the second one. I actually got to fly the second one three different flights but it got down the street and I guess out of range and when I hit the return to home button, IT DID NOT RETURN TO HOME , Instead it crashed into someone’s back yard and though it didn’t sustain any visible damage , when I removed and plugged the battery back in, it smoked one of the corners of the main board. I will NEVER EVER buy another up air one drone. I only wish I could get a main board and repair the one I have. I was looking at the DJI drones but they are out of my budget at this time, maybe ill hit the lotto? LOL

  10. I have the UpAir One and my controller says “No Mov Data”. It looks like a wire might be missing on the drone landing bars. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I know nothing about working on one or what should be there.

  11. After a serious crash, I need a new shell for my UPair one plus. Did any one order the model on BangGood ? Is it the Same as original ? (One review say it’s weak plastic…)

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