Reset the ESC of an UpAir One

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If for whatever reason one or more motors are not performing as they should, you could try to do a ESC reset.
The ESC reset does exactly what it says, it resets the ESC’s in the drone, and supplies the same amount of power to all 4 of them.

If you are planning to upgrade the motors like I did, you have to do this as well

Here is the procedure

4 thoughts on “Reset the ESC of an UpAir One

  1. hello again , im wondering if anyone can help . Recently i had a rough landing of my upair 1 where it flipped over on landing and rotors continued to try and turn .It took about ten seconds to shut down power to rotors and all seemed well no broken blades got ready to fly again good satellite lock (14) but on lift off there was a strange surge of power and it flips over . Is this a sign of bad esc or bad motor. Does any one have any ideas what this may be as im perplexed any help would be much appreciated. many thanks in advance.

  2. I have just bought a upair one v1.2.
    My first flight was not bad but it would not position hold nor altitude hold very well kept moving.
    I had already put in a USB mod so connected it to mission planner no trouble, and it did a firmware upgrade which I could not stop once started.
    Now when I turn it on there is no GPS lock ons yet MP says there are 12 and you can not arm the motors.
    What have I done????? and more over how do I fix????

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