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The Phantom 3 Standard is a great drone! but it is a bit of a problem to fly it far away.
One thing that helps is to get a cheap range extender (windsurfer) as explained here

With that windsurfer you can get it as far as 1km, but then you have another problem; the video feed.
In Europe you will have the problem that there is a legal limit to the strength of WiFi networks.
In Europe it can oficially be no more then 16dBm.
This is fine for home networks, but when it comes to flying a drone you want more power.
The Phantom 3 standard comes in 2 versions, CE and FCC.
The FCC version is sold outside Europe, and the CE version is sold in Europe.
If you take your CE Phantom outside the EU you will notice that it can fly further because the GPS tells the drone it can use more power (FCC) and will use that.
If you take your FCC drone to Europe it will automatically go back to 16dBm and will limit itself to the rules that are in place in that region.

This is where Magic Power 5 comes in!
Magicpower is designed by and these guys have done an excelent job in writing this piece of software.

Magic Power 5 enables you to lock the power that is used to transmit the video feed, regardless of the location!
This is very usefull when you are in Europe, but FCC pilots can and will benefit from this as well.

You can set the video feed to 27 dBm, and that is 11 dBm more than the standard 16 dBm that it normally uses in Europe!

First you need to download the software, you can do that by clicking here (both Mac and Windows)

Once that is downloaded and unpacked you need to disconnect from your home Wifi and connect your laptop or computer to the Wifi of the drone. this is like a normal startup, only thing different is that you are NOT connecting your phone/tablet
So, you switch on the remote, then the drone. once powered up and when you have a green light on the remote you need to connect to the WiFi of the drone.
You will see a yellow exclamation mark, this indicates that there is no internet available through the connection. this is perfectly normal.

temporarily shut down any firewall that you run, don’t worry it is safe! it is important to have it off, otherwise the mod might fail!

Now it is time to start Magic Power

In the magicpower folder doubleclick the application icon

Now you will get a windows asking you to accept the terms.
In short they tell you that they are not responsible for any damage, bla bla bla… accept them!

Now this is where the magic is going to happen.
After agreeing you will get this screen.

You don’t need to change anything to the settings, they are good at default settings! default is 24dBm

Now, make sure you are still connected to the drone, and the firewall is still off!
Click step 1, and you will see some things happening in the white area. basically it is establishing a connection with the drone, and will change some settings.
Once this is done a dialog will pop up and tell you that the first part is done and a  restart of drone and controller is required.

Do that, and reconnect the computer to the drones WiFi.
Once the connection is back press Step 2.
Again a few things will happen in the white area, and this is the part where the settings are being changed so that the drone uses more transmitting power.

Once that is finished a popup dialog will tell you it has finished, and you need to restart the drone.
That is it, the mod is placed, and you have a lot more transmitting power.

I have tested it with the standard 24 dBm and the results are great!
I got 1043m not 1 bad frame!  this is of course with the windsurfer installed as well!

If the 24dBm is not good enough for you, or you simply want more power there is a way to get that.
Tick the box “I understand this” and click “open”

You will now have the option to change the transmitting power.
Don’t change anything else, just the transmitting power!

Set it to 27 dBm to get the maximum out of it!

At 27 dBm I got 1540 meters and the feed was still good!

This mod will not harm anything in your firmware, as a matter of fact, it ONLY changes the transmitting power, nothing else!

If you want to revert to stock, simply reinstall the original firmware, or choose to revert back to stock in MagicPower. Click the arrow next to “Patch with magic power” and it will give you the option to revert back to stock.

it is a great mod, and the results are great as well.

11 thoughts on “Phantom 3 standard magic power mod

  1. Thanks for the write up. This mode only affects the video transmitting or also changes the drone itself to FCC mode? I am in europe and my P3S flies only around 300meters, I did this mod but nothing changed. It still flies only up to 300 meters and then the signal is lost.

      1. Thanks,
        will try it tomorrow. Fore some reason didnt get a step 2, will download telnet tonight and check change has taken place.

  2. Sounds like a great mod. But when I click step 1, all it says is aircraft ready…and thats it. Ive turned off all firewalls and antivirus. And wifi is connected. I notice everybody keeps saying laptop though. It should still work on a desktop right? Wifi is wifi isnt it?

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