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Phantom 3 aftermarket battery

We have all seen the cheap knockoffs of the original DJI battery for sale on the Chinese sites.
I have read so many different things about them, and I thought I’d buy one myself to see how good or bad they really are.

I have got mine from Banggood, and this is the one (click here) and with Bangood points I only paid €45,- for it. that is less than a third of an original DJI battery

After I have ordered it, the wait began… it took 2 weeks to get to me from China, but as soon as it arrived I charged it and took it for a test.

The battery has exactly the same look and feel as the original one.
Even the LED’s are as bright as the original one

Of couse the size is the same, and the connections are the same as well.

From this point of view the only big difference is the wrap they have put around the cells

Looking closer the knockoff has 20 mAh more power. the original has 4480 mAh, the knockoff has 4500 mAh.
The 20 mAh extra will give you maybe 20 seconds more flying time, so that has no added value at all!

After comparing the both it was time to get it out and fly it.

So I went to my favourite flying spot, that is just down the road from where I live.

First I did some low flying and short distances to see it there were any noticable differences, and there were none I could see.
I did this for 3:30 minutes.
Then I took it for a long flight, and the results are actually pretty good!
I flew until the low battery warning, and did not use the RTH feature, I landed myself and stopped flying with some juice left.

The results are pretty good! I flew 18 minutes in a row, put the 3:30 on top of that and you have 21 minutes and 30 seconds out of the first charge. LiPo’s get a little bit better after a few charges, so I expect to get at least 23 minutes from it.

I cannot see any problems with this battery at all, like I said it looks the same, feels the same and pretty much flies the same (time)
It is a great buy for a 3rd of the price of an original battery!

This is a link to the battery

5 thoughts on “Phantom 3 aftermarket battery

  1. Hi does it send all the correct info to the controller inc the times charged ,temp, able to set the discharge time in the DGI Go app ?

    1. Hi there, I am still happy with it.
      I have 3 of them, and have been flying a lot this summer. Well over 30 charges per battery now, and all are still in good shape.

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