Ordered a 3D printed battery door

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I am planning to mod my UpAir to hold 2 4000Mah 3s Lipo’s
The standard battery gives me around 10 minutes flying time, and I would love to extend that a bit.

There is a mod online, and it is very easy to do.
You’ll need a XT60 Y cable with 2x male and 1x female connection, 2x 4000 MAH 3s Lipo’s and that’s basically it, more on that later when I start the mod.

But, when you do this mod you also need a battery door, and that is what I have ordered!
You can get the file for only $3,- at redpah.com and let it print via 3dHubs if you don’t have a 3d printer yourself.

It will look like this, yes it is bright red!


I can’t wait to do this mod!

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