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DIY transmitter to work with a Hubsan X4 Air H501A

The Hubsan H501A is app controlled as you might know.

This is great for all the cool functions like follow me and orbit etc

But the good thing about the H501A is that you can link any Hubsan transmitter to it, and if you have a remote from the H501s or maybe even the H7000, you can also use the FPV function without using the app.

For this post I am using the transmitter of my H502E and I am going to show you how you could mod the remote of a Hubsan H502E to work with the H501A

To do this I am using a phone clip that came with my DJI Phantom 3, a 5.8GHz FPV screen and a mounting bracket.

Reason for the clip is because you can still use the app and all the great functions, even when you have a transmitter linked to the H501A
And if you don’t want to use your phone you can also use a dedicated FPV screen.
You could even use both together! you can use the app to fly, and a fried could watch as well on the monitor! how cool is that!

Okay, so as I said I am using a bracket of the DJI Phantom 3 because that has a clip.
The screen is from the MJX Bugs 8 (which is a great little racer, but that aside) and that screen also fits in the goggles that came with the MJX Bugs 8, so I can use googles with the H501A as well.

You need to take apart your remote for this mod, so make sure you are fine with that.

To take apart the remote you need to remove 3 screws.

2 on each top side, and 1 behind the battery door.

When the screws are removed you need to apply some pressure to get the 2 halfs seperated.

Once the remote is open, remove the controller board by taking out the 4 screws, and put it aside.

Once you have the electronics removed it is time to find a location for the bracket.
The one I have been using can be placed on the front of the remote just above the display

Once you have found the correct position it is time to mark the locations where you need to make the holes to fix the bracket on the transmitter, and the holes can be drilled in, and that depends on the location and your bracket.

When the holes are in you can mount the bracket on the transmitter

When the bracket is fixed to the transmitter you can close it again.
Make sure you put the electronics in carefully, and that you close the transmitter properly.

When all that is done it is time to mount the clip that can hold the phone, or screen.

Now you can use your phone in the clip if you want

But you can also use a FPV screen in the clip if you want.
The setup with the FPV screen can also be used with the H501S and the H502S, the H501S and the H502S also use a 5.8GHz downlink for FPV and the transmitter wil bind to those as well, and the screen is able to receive the FPV signals.

Remember that in both cases you need to find the correct channel, how to do this depends on the screen you have, please refer to the manual of your screen.

I will show you how to bind the remote in a different post, and will also show you how to use the 2 screens together in a different post.

Happy flying, with your remote and FPVwith the H501A

One thought on “DIY transmitter to work with a Hubsan X4 Air H501A

  1. I have autoscanned on my fpv right through all the 5.8ghz channels can’t find pictures do you need to power the quad up first then tx or just power up quad

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