Media makes drones look bad

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Over and over again you hear and read bad things about drones.
“near” collisions with planes are the most common ones…

I don’t want to spend too many words about this, but I think the media is seriously trying to make drones look bad. Why? there are so many good things about drones that you hardly read.

Drones are great, not just for the hobby, but also professionally.
Yes, it is great to take it for a flight on a foggy or snowy day, the pictures and video’s are stunning!

But drones can also serve for many other good things, like searching for (lost) people in locations where helicopters can’t fly. Investigate damage at bridges, look at the quality of crops, and so on… These things are hardly discussed in the media, and that is a bad thing.
There is NO need to be afraid for drones, and I am pretty sure none of the near collisions are caused by any drone at all

I think the below image is the right one when it comes to these near collisions and other bad stuff about drones…
If you read a story about a near collision, please have a look at this picture. If any of the items are seen, it was not a drone!

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