Hubsan X4 Desire H502E takes the fun out of flying a drone

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Read back on this site and you’ll see that it’s only been 2 weeks since my Hubsan crashed out of the sky due to a broken motor.
I have fixed it, and was proudly flying the drone again.
Only for 2 weeks though, last friday I was low flying (around 30 meters up, and around 100 meters away) and at one point I thought the wind played up to get the Hubsan, so I pressed the RTH button, but nothing happened. Instead it just did crazy stuff and crashed in a tree.

It fell down on the ground, and when I got it back it was very clear that AGAIN one motor died….
I cannot tell how gutted I was.
This really takes the fun out of flying, with this drone.
I mean Hubsan for F-Sake, get this issue sorted!

I have now fitted non Hubsan 0820 motors and I hope they will last longer.
Also saving up for an UpAir One, can’t wait to fly that!

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