Happy New Year

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I want to wish all readers, and followers a very happy new year!
For some it’s already 2017 at time of writing this post, some are still waiting.

What a great year it was!
I only started flying drones this summer, starting with a micro quad to get used to the controls, and look at where we are now.
Drones4Life has seen the light, and I have had a fair bit of flying done as well.
I have organised my first drone event
Next year I want to expand even more! There are plans for another drone event in may, and one later in summer with racers and stands and so on.
There is also a plan to buy a DJI to get even more serious.

So far everything has gone big in a small period of time, I can only thank everybody for this, and hope Drones4Life will even grow more, and share more info about this great, great hobby!

Please use the comments field to reply, feel free to do so!

Here are some video’s of the last few months that pretty much sum up my year of flying with the UpAir One

This was my first good one with the UpAir

All these followed….

And this is the last of 2016

Happy Flying, and I hope to speak to you soon!

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