Download Hubsan H502E and H502S firmware

On this page you can download the H502E-H502S Firmware This is the latest version available 2.1.35. NOTE: INSTALLING 2.1.35 ON A NON COMPATIBLE BOARD WILL BRICK IT! I had enough people trying to update a non compatible board blaming me for spreading faulty firmware, and destroying the hobby of someone. I will never, ever spread things […]

Hubsan X4 Desire at the oldest mill in Holland

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Flying around the oldest mill in Holland. It’s not the best quality, but I’ll be back for more soon. Here’s some information about the mill, courtesy of Wikipedia The Grafelijke Korenmolen van Zeddam (Countships grainmill of Zeddam) is a tower mill in Zeddam, the Netherlands, which has been restored to working order. The mill may […]