Download firmware for the Hubsan H501S

Link has been updated! latest firmwares untill 01/2017 Also super flyers and custom firmwares! On this page I will have the latest firmwares available for the Hubsan H501S, both standard and advanced. There are also videos for you to watch how to update the drone and transmitter. All files, and videos are provided by Hubsan,0

Dbi explained

We all want to get the max out of our drones, and sometimes there is a very good reason to upgrade your antenna since not every drone has a decent antenna. But what antenna do you choose? There is a lot to tell about antennas and radiation and such, here I just want to tell0

FPV antenna upgrade

A lot of drones use FPV feeds ,and it doesn’t matter if it is a racer of a camera drone, all of them use some sort of FPV feed to get the images to the ground. There are 3 major ways to do this: 2.4GHz analog 2.4GHz Wifi 5.8GHz Analog 2.4GHz was used in the cheapest0

Useful upgrades for your drone

Everybody that has a RTF (Ready To Fly) drone, cheap or expensive, has a standard kit that comes with the drone. Apart from the drone and a controller you also get a spare set of propellers, 1 or 2 LiPo’s and a charger. If you have bought a kit to build your own, this post might0