Download firmware for the Hubsan H501S

Link has been updated! latest firmwares untill 01/2017 Also super flyers and custom firmwares! On this page I will have the latest firmwares available for the Hubsan H501S, both standard and advanced. There are also videos for you to watch how to update the drone and transmitter. All files, and videos are provided by Hubsan,0

Welcome to the fleet Hubsan H501S

After reading so many things about the Hubsan H501S Standard edition, I have now got one myself and you will be able to read an extensive review right here on this website soon. First thought after unboxing are good! It is a sturdy drone, feels well built and the receiver has a good feel. I0

Hubsan H501 series

This great is now on sale for only €231,- for that money you’ll get the advanced edition! The best edition! The bigger brother of the H502 is the H501 This one has a better camera, and has brushless motors. Also a great flyer that comes in 2 versions. The C is the standard one, the0