How to livestream your FPV video feed

People streaming their flights to social media, we have all seen it on Facebook, or Youtube… This is a great way of sharing and showing what you are doing. This was already an option with a DJI drone, but there is also a way to do it with any other drone that has a 5,8Ghz0

Hubsan H501S Standard

Well, Finally I have one myself, a Hubsan H501S. I have heard a lot about this drone, and this is my view. Want one yourself? Get yours HERE Transmitter LiPo’s can be bought HERE Extra batteries for the drone can be bought HERE Packaging: Packaging is great, it’s well thought of, and all the parts0

Welcome to the fleet Hubsan H501S

After reading so many things about the Hubsan H501S Standard edition, I have now got one myself and you will be able to read an extensive review right here on this website soon. First thought after unboxing are good! It is a sturdy drone, feels well built and the receiver has a good feel. I0

SMA connectors explained.

SMA and RP-SMA is well known in the world of drones, and especially in FPV systems. But did you know that there are 4 different plugs? You have SMA and RP-SMA and both have male and female to make it extra confusing. This could be a problem if you are new in this world and0