LiPo “C” rates explained

A LiPo battery (Lithium polymer battery) has multiple cells. each cell delivers around 3.7 Volts. A 3S LiPo would therefore supply 11.1V. Apart from the cells, you also have a ‘C’ value. You can see any kind of C value on a LiPo like 25C or 40C So, what does the C tell? C rating0

Great flight in the snow

I had a great flight in the snow. At a wide open field covered in snow I took it to the skies. This is recorded with my UpAir One drone  

Can I fly my drone with cold temperatures?

A much asked question these days is “can I fly with these temperatures?” In short:  Yes! You are able to fly your drone with this frosty weather, It will give you some great pictures! The only real thing to take care of, are your LiPo’s LiPo’s don’t like cold weather, and performance is greatly reduced0

Filming Fireworks

31-12-2016 I wanted to film the new-years fireworks, so I took the drone with me to our family visit. Around 22:00 I did a small test flight, I have never flown in complete darkness. And yes, I know you’re officially not allowed to fly drones at night, completely aware of that! There wasn’t much firework0

A Cold winter flight

It was -4 this morning, and nature was covered in ice. The first thing on my mind was to get out and capture this. I grabbed my gloves, drone and car keys and drove off. The location I had in mind is only a 2 minute drive, and it’s a great place to fly, even0