S550 Hexacopter build

Building my own drone was something on my list, and I ordered all the parts needed to build one. After a long wait because they were sent on the slow boat from China, I could finally start the build. The box everything was in was not big at all, but it had everything I needed0

Advanced mode in Mission Planner

you might have updated your mission planner only to find out you have lost a few functions you had before. Well, there is a way to get back all these extra functions. After opening your mission planner, but before you connect your drone  you need to do the following Go to Config/Tuning and down that0

Fully modded UpAir One

After a few days of testing I can finally say that all the mods I have done worked out great! The Racestar motors work perfect, the strobes are highly visible, and the colour is just awesome! Here are some pictures and video’s of the UpAir, it look great!

How to prevent fly aways

The one thing we fear the most are the moments our drone seems to get a mind of it’s own, and flies to a place never to be seen again… also called a flyaway! but did you know that flyaways are 9 out of 10 times caused by pilot error? If you have a drone0

Hubsan H501S Standard

Well, Finally I have one myself, a Hubsan H501S. I have heard a lot about this drone, and this is my view. Want one yourself? Get yours HERE Transmitter LiPo’s can be bought HERE Extra batteries for the drone can be bought HERE Packaging: Packaging is great, it’s well thought of, and all the parts0

Media makes drones look bad

Over and over again you hear and read bad things about drones. “near” collisions with planes are the most common ones… I don’t want to spend too many words about this, but I think the media is seriously trying to make drones look bad. Why? there are so many good things about drones that you0

How to paint your drone

How cool would it be to have a drone that has the colour you want, instead of the standard colour. My drone was as white as white can be, and I find it a bit boring, that was my reason for the change. I have painted it in matte Navy Blue and Black, but every0

LiPo “C” rates explained

A LiPo battery (Lithium polymer battery) has multiple cells. each cell delivers around 3.7 Volts. A 3S LiPo would therefore supply 11.1V. Apart from the cells, you also have a ‘C’ value. You can see any kind of C value on a LiPo like 25C or 40C So, what does the C tell? C rating0