How to prevent fly aways

The one thing we fear the most are the moments our drone seems to get a mind of it’s own, and flies to a place never to be seen again… also called a flyaway! but did you know that flyaways are 9 out of 10 times caused by pilot error? If you have a drone0

Media makes drones look bad

Over and over again you hear and read bad things about drones. “near” collisions with planes are the most common ones… I don’t want to spend too many words about this, but I think the media is seriously trying to make drones look bad. Why? there are so many good things about drones that you0

Vortex Ring State explained

One thing we absolutely want to avoid is Vortex Ring State, also known as VRS. ….uhm… What? This means that your drone is falling out of the sky when descending, and nothing you can do about it… VRS happens when you are descending too fast with any rotorcraft (drones, helicopters)There are many difficult explanations for0

K-Index Monitor

Today I want to share my thoughts about the K-Index app. I have been using this app for the past few days, and I can tell that it is very useful. As you might have read, I also use the UAV Forecast app, that is a very complete app that also shows the weather at0

Exchange flightboard Hubsan H502E/H502S

As you might have heard the Hubsan H502E/S has it’s problems. Some can fly hours and hours without problems, others crash after 2 flights. I am one of the last, and after changing motors several times, all under warranty, I have had a replacement board from Hubsan. If you want to replace your board, these0

New gimbal dampers review

Today I have received my new gimbal dampers. After replacing them I took them for a test flight. I am very happy with them, and I have lost my last little vibration that I always had in my video’s. The dampers were only €2,13 at AliExpress, and you can get them here. Here is the movie0

How to change gimbal dampers

In this post I want to show you how to change the gimbal dampers. For this post I am using a UpAir One v3 drone, but replacing the dampers is the same in general. The reason why I am changing the dampers is that I had a little crash not so long ago, and due to that0

Welcome new pilots

I want to say Hi to all new pilots! I hope you had a great drone for Christmas, or maybe even your birthday, or whatever occasion. Welcome in the great world of model flying, and in this case droning. No matter what kind of drone you’ve bought yourself, or got as a present, flying them0