Dbi explained

We all want to get the max out of our drones, and sometimes there is a very good reason to upgrade your antenna since not every drone has a decent antenna. But what antenna do you choose? There is a lot to tell about antennas and radiation and such, here I just want to tell0

SMA connectors explained.

SMA and RP-SMA is well known in the world of drones, and especially in FPV systems. But did you know that there are 4 different plugs? You have SMA and RP-SMA and both have male and female to make it extra confusing. This could be a problem if you are new in this world and0

FPV antenna upgrade

A lot of drones use FPV feeds ,and it doesn’t matter if it is a racer of a camera drone, all of them use some sort of FPV feed to get the images to the ground. There are 3 major ways to do this: 2.4GHz analog 2.4GHz Wifi 5.8GHz Analog 2.4GHz was used in the cheapest0

Useful upgrades for your drone

Everybody that has a RTF (Ready To Fly) drone, cheap or expensive, has a standard kit that comes with the drone. Apart from the drone and a controller you also get a spare set of propellers, 1 or 2 LiPo’s and a charger. If you have bought a kit to build your own, this post might0