Auto Tune UpAir One

We all know that upAir is a great drone to tune and mod, and with this mod you can make it just that little bit better.

*UPDATE* this has been done by a few people I know, and the results vary a lot.
Please make sure you have a SCREENSHOT of the current settings. not all UpAirs are getting the same results, some of them even fly worst after auto tune

Modded UpAir drones have the ability to be fine tuned with Mission Planner (download it here)
And in order to do the following, you will need to do the USB mod. I am not sure how this works out on the latest V4 version with PX4 board, but if you managed to do it, let me know.

we all know that PID’s are very important, and well tuned PID’s can make a lot of difference.
On the other hand, tuning PID’s can take a lot of time, and if you mess it up you can do serious harm to your drone as it could be hard to fly.

You can choose to do change the PID’s by hand, and if you know what you are doing this should not be hard.

There is an easier way, and it is the best way if you are not sure what to do.
First you need to connect the drone to mission planner

Select channel 7 to be autotune (instead of RTL) you can change this back to RTL after you have done the autotune.
Make a screenshot of the current settings, this will give you the ability to revert to these settings when needed, and you can compare the new settings to the old ones.

standard channel 7 is RTL

And we need to change that to AutoTune

Once channel 7 has been set to auto tune disconnect MissionPlanner and get out to fly the drone, make sure you have a fresh pack of batteries!!

Once you are out, and want to start autotune make sure you have enough space to do it.

Start up the drone as usual, wait for a GPS lock before you take off.

Once you are in the air, and have enough room, switch to altitude hold mode (ALTHOLD)
Then it is time to do the auto tune.
Use the switch that is normally used for RTL to activate the autotune function.

you can see the screen change to “LTH”

Once activated the drone will start to move forward and backward in short movements. this is perfectly normal, and you should leave it that way.

If the drone drifts away you can correct it, but DON’T switch it to GPS mode, it will cancel the tune!
When the forward and rear movements are done it will start to do the same sidewards.
This movie shows the movements it makes:

and this is what it looks like from “inside”

When the drone has finished tuning it will stop, and start to hover (it can drift, because it is in ALTHOLD mode.
Land the drone in ALTHOLD mode and disarm the motors. it will only save the parameters when it gets disarmed, and in ALTHOLD mode.

Now do some flying like you are used to, you can use POSHOLD like normal, and see if it has made any difference at all.

When you get back at the computer, go back to the screen you where to change the channel 7 mode and compare the settings.
Since Gten use generic settings in their firmware, there should be some difference.
now you can also change channel 7 back to RTL.

If all went well your UpAir should fly a lot better!