How to set date and time on an UpAir One

  • This does not seem to work on the PLUS model

Create a new text file called TIME.TXT (use CAPS)
Put the file in the ROOT of your card

Open the file and type YOUR current date and time in this format:


so it would look something like this:
2017.03.05 16:40:00

Now save, and close the file.
Put the SD card in your camera

As soon as you take your first picture the date and time will be set, and the TIME file will be deleted.

Now the clock in the drone has been set to the correct time.
This has to be redone with both summer and winter time!

Please note that the time starts running from the time you have set in the file.
So best to put it 1 or 2 minutes in advance to make sure that you have enough time to put the card in the drone, power it up and make a picture.