Firmware upgrade UpAir One V4 camera

It appears that there is a firmware update available for the UpAir One V4 camera board.
This is the one that is mounted under the UpAir that has a PX4 board!
You can check this by removing the battery, and look up inside the drone.
It says UpAir and a number.. if it says PX4 you can try to apply this update.

There were known issues with changing the video settings, and this update should take care of that issue.

I am still trying to contact Gten to get more information about this update, and the changelogs.
For now, this software is all I have.
I don’t know if it works on other camera’s like the V3 or V2 so I cannot guarantee that
Since there is little information I would say UPDATING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK

You don’t need to do any mod to do this, upgrade is done with an SD card

Download the zip package here