UpAir One smart battery custom battery panels

As you might have read, I have been painting my drone. It was bright white, and now it’s black and blue.
The batteries were still white, and since the weather is bad at the moment I thought it would be time to put some colour on them as well.

First I took of the front panels, they clip on so they come of easy.
Inside the panels you’ll see a transparent strip these are the indicators for the battery leds. they come off easy, and should be removed!
I left the button in, I thought it would look nicer.

After sanding the panels lightly with scotchbrite, I used some degreaser to clean them.
Then it was time for a layer of plastic primer, followed by navy blue

I let it dry for a few hours, once they dried I put back the transparent indicator strip (use a tiny bit of glue)
next I clipped the panels back, and it looked great, even with an out of focus photo