USB Mod UpAir One V4 – PX4 board

When you have a PX4 board, you should try to use
QGroundcontrol instead of Mission Planner.
You can download it here

Some people already found out that they don’t have an USB port inside the drone.
That is right! This is the V4 UpAir One

It seems like G10 have silently updated the boards to PX4 (maybe because they also have app support on the UpAot One Plus, need to find that out)
Previously G10 used APM boards, and they were simple to mod.
Now they are using PX4 boards, and they have removed the USB port, and replaced it with a socket instead.
No worries, you can still do the USB mod if you want, you need to DIY a cable, using a DF13 plug on 1 side, and create a USB port on the other side.

This is a DF13 cable:

Here is the pinout of the port.

Changing from APM to PX4 is a good thing in one way, these boards are better, faster, and it is more future proof.
One big change is that APM boards have 8 bit processors, PX4 boards have 32 bit processors.