Change motors Hubsan X4 Desire H502E and H502S

In this post I want to show you how to change the motors of a H502E and H502S

It’s not hard to do, but involves soldering!

Motors can be bought here.
These are CCW motors, you’ll need 2
These are CW motors, you also need 2
And since you have it all apart it’s advisable to change the gearing as well, they’re cheap to replace, and just slide over the shaft. here are gears that you’ll need

A complete change of motors and gears will cost you no more than €15,-

I have been asked a few time if this drone can be upgraded to brushless motors.
There is only 1 right answer… NO!
There is no room to fit a different board, ESC’s and the bigger brushless motors.
If you want to upgrade your H502, take the H501 instead. this one has brushless motors

Back to the repair,
First you need to remove the propellers, if you have them on.

After that you need to put the drone on it’s back and remove the “landing gear” by removing 2 screws.

Remove the landing gear, under it you see another screw that needs to be removed as well.

Once this is removed you need to remove the other 2 screws from the arm

Do this with all four arms.
When all screws are out you can separate the top from the bottom half.
Be careful though, the GPS antenna and Compass are still attached to the board, gently unclip them.

When you have unclipped the antenna’s you can take away the top cover completely.
Now you have full access to it’s internals

The motor mounts just pop out, they are not clipped in.

Now you can desolder the wires to remove the motors from the board.

Now you can remove the motors from the mounts. These are clipped in the mount, be careful when removing them.
Take note of the way the wires are routed through the mount!

Since you have the motors out it might be good to lube the bearings while you’re at it.
I am using sewing machine oil.

Now that the motors are removed it is time to install the new motors in the mounts.
This is basically the reverse of what you have just done, motor slides in, and clips in it’s place.
Rout the wires in the mounts and make sure that everything is seated properly.

Now solder the motors back on the board, make sure you have a good connection.
Front has 1 CW and 1 CCW motor, rear has 1 CW and 1 CCW motor.
CCW motor is on the front left, and rear right.
CW motor is on the front right, and rear left!
Please make sure you put them in the correct way, otherwise it will NOT fly

When everything is back in place it is time to put back the top cover.
Just don’t screw it back together yet!
I think it is better to leave it open just now to do a quick check to see if everything is working.

Connect a battery, and do a little test to see if all motors are spinning, and in the correct direction!
This involves calibration, do this carefully as the drone is not in 1 piece yet. after calibration you can just arm the motors, no need for a GPS signal or lock. The top half needs to be connected to the board though!

When you are satisfied with the results, put the drone back together.
Watch out that cables don’t get stuck!

When everything is back together, put a battery in, leave the propellers off and start the drone.let the new motors break in, Just leave them running without propellers for a few minutes.

If you are looking for other parts for the H502E/S you can have a look here

Happy flying!