How to update firmware on Hubsan H502E and H502S

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Here is how to update your H502E and H502S drone.
This update is only for the drone, I have used, and tested it on a H502E and I can confirm it works.
Important is that you have the drone connected to USB, and that it is powered on! Don’t arm it, just put a battery in.
There is no need for a flat surface, the drone doesn’t have to be level.

First, download the firmware if you don’t have it yet.
The firmware can be downloaded here

NOTE: The firmware on this site is ONLY for the H502 series.
NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage caused
NOTE: These instructions do work if you follow every step.

Once that is done, follow below instructions.

First select the folder where you have stored the update, and open the folder.

Double click the Hubsan Tools V3

A window will open with all Chinese signs, don’t worry it’s normal.

Follow below instructions from 1 to 3 to load the .hbs file that holds the firmware.

Once the firmware is loaded in the program your screen should look like this.

Click the button where the arrow is and the Chinese signs will change to a counter that counts up to 100%
After the update all 4 lights on the drone will start to blink, leave the drone until the lights go round in a circle.

You have successfully updated your firmware, and it is safe to remove the USB cable.
Unpower the drone, and power it back on if you want to fly.