First time flying with the UpAir One battery mod

Even though all the stuff needed for the mod arrived over a week ago, I still haven’t had time, or the weather did not permit me to fly the mod and actually test it.

UpAir One v3 with battery mod

But today the weather was good, I had some time, and batteries were charged and ready to go.

I am always a bit careful when it comes to new things, and I did not go up that high, nor did I fly too far away.
50 meters up was enough for me to test everything I wanted to test.

The first thing I noticed the moment I took off is that the UpAir has no problem whatsoever lifting the little extra weight.

I was already informed that the first few charges could cause shorter flying times then the 25 minutes that you could get from this mod so I was constantly looking at the voltages to make sure that there was enough power in the bird.

But I can tell you that I was more than pleased with over 15 minutes flying time, knowing that the original battery only gives you around 10 minutes when using the camera.


I landed myself, and did not wait for RTL to kick in. At just over 10.7 volts I landed. Could be that there were a few more minutes left, I did not try it, just to be sure it did not end in a disaster.
I am very cautious, that’s me.

In the end I must say that I am very pleased with the mod, with the flying times increasing after a few charges, things can only get better.

To sum up the mod, here are the parts you will need:

First, 2 pieces 4000Mah 3s Lipo’s
I got them from Hobbyking.

Multistar 3s 11.1v 4000Mah LiPo
Link for the Lipo’s

Secondly you will need a XT60 splitter cable, this makes it possible to connect 2 batteries to 1 connection, I got it from Hobbyking as well.
The photo is a modded one, more on that in this post

Link for the splitter cable

Next thing you need are 2 female spade connectors, these will replace the XT60 plug that is on the original cable.



You will also need the “UpAir BigAss Lipo Door” from Michael Roy.
You can get the 3D file from his site

Link for the 3d file

And you can have the file printed locally through 3D hubs.

Link to a local 3D printer hub near you

When you have it printed it could look like this, depending on the colour of your choice of course


Once you have everything prepared it’s also nice to know what it + and what is –
We’ve got you covered as well.


Now it’s only a case of connecting the lipo’s to the splitter (make sure you have covered the connectors on the other side!)
Slide in the lipo’s, connect the connectors to the drone, put on the lipo door and off you go.

I like the mod, especially knowing it will improve over time.