FPV problems with the UpAir One – Easy Fix

Many have heard and read about the FPV issues with the UpAir One drone.
Some people take apart their expensive drone to do all kinds of mods to improve the feed, and the stability of it. they buy more powerfull VTX modules and stick on antennas…

But there is a faster, cheaper and effective way to deal with it.

All you need is some cello tape, super glue and an old computer mainboard.


To extend the range of the FPV signal simply take the antenna out of the leg, and stick it on the outside. you’ll notice an improvement straight away! I have had over 250 meters range without a glitch. might even go further, but I haven’t tried that yet.

But in order to keep that increased signal you also need to keep the transmitter cooled.
There is a small alluminium casing over the transmitter, but that doesn’t do the job.

The trick is to increase the size of the casing.. and not with small sticky heatsinks, but with a heatsink that is bigger than the case you stick it on.
This will increase the size, and due to the ribs it will cool very good!


I have had the drone sitting on the table, without props for over an hour with the feed on, and it worked flawless. imagine the extra cooling when flying!

These simple, yet easy mods should take care of your FPV issues in no time!

Here is a small video of my UpAir with the heatsink fitted