Phantom 3 standard magic power mod

The Phantom 3 Standard is a great drone! but it is a bit of a problem to fly it far away. One thing that helps is to get a cheap range extender (windsurfer) as explained here With that windsurfer you can get it as far as 1km, but then you have another problem; the video0

Phantom 3 aftermarket battery

We have all seen the cheap knockoffs of the original DJI battery for sale on the Chinese sites. I have read so many different things about them, and I thought I’d buy one myself to see how good or bad they really are. I have got mine from Banggood, and this is the one (click0

Cheap range extender Phantom 3 Standard

Do you have a Phantom 3 Standard and don’t get as much range as you would like? There is a solution without breaking the bank, a cheap range extender that should be able to get to a mile/1,5km out. It costs a few Euro’s/dollars but it is worth the money! You can get one here Currently0