Advanced mode in Mission Planner

you might have updated your mission planner only to find out you have lost a few functions you had before. Well, there is a way to get back all these extra functions. After opening your mission planner, but before you connect your drone  you need to do the following Go to Config/Tuning and down that0

Tuning PID’s

If you have modded your UpAir you can do simple things like calibration and change some flying modes. But the mod also gives you the opportunity to adjust the PID’s The PID’s control how the drone behaves on user input and influences from outside like wind. Every drone is different, but it looks like UpAir0

Fully modded UpAir One

After a few days of testing I can finally say that all the mods I have done worked out great! The Racestar motors work perfect, the strobes are highly visible, and the colour is just awesome! Here are some pictures and video’s of the UpAir, it look great!

Reset the ESC of an UpAir One

If for whatever reason one or more motors are not performing as they should, you could try to do a ESC reset. The ESC reset does exactly what it says, it resets the ESC’s in the drone, and supplies the same amount of power to all 4 of them. If you are planning to upgrade0

Upgrade motors in the UpAir

I have asked Gten what motors are fitted in the UpAir, and the answer was 2212 motors 920KV That made me start to think about the next mod on my UpAir. So I have ordered some red Racestar 2212 920KV motors from Banggood (LINK HERE) And it was time to take apart the drone.. again0

How to prevent fly aways

The one thing we fear the most are the moments our drone seems to get a mind of it’s own, and flies to a place never to be seen again… also called a flyaway! but did you know that flyaways are 9 out of 10 times caused by pilot error? If you have a drone0

UpAir One strobe mod

this is probably the coolest mod you can do to your UpAir. Adding strobes makes it look a lot better. I have bought 2 strobes from FLyTron, Click here for the strobes My idea was to retrofit them in the UpAir, and replace the rear LED’s First you need to open up the drone, and0

Auto Tune UpAir One

We all know that upAir is a great drone to tune and mod, and with this mod you can make it just that little bit better. *UPDATE* this has been done by a few people I know, and the results vary a lot. Please make sure you have a SCREENSHOT of the current settings. not0

How to set date and time on an UpAir One

This does not seem to work on the PLUS model Create a new text file called TIME.TXT (use CAPS) Put the file in the ROOT of your card Open the file and type YOUR current date and time in this format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS so it would look something like this: 2017.03.05 16:40:00 Now save, and0

SkyTech H100 Powerboat

Drones4Life means drones… but when the weather is not good to fly we need to have something else to take control of our RC addiction. I have bought a powerboat, and it is so much fun! It is the SkyTech H100 powerboat. It’s fast, it’s fun, and I am so glad I have bought it!0