Hubsan H501S Standard

Well, Finally I have one myself, a Hubsan H501S. I have heard a lot about this drone, and this is my view. Want one yourself? Get yours HERE Transmitter LiPo’s can be bought HERE Extra batteries for the drone can be bought HERE Packaging: Packaging is great, it’s well thought of, and all the parts0

Download firmware for the Hubsan H501S

Link has been updated! latest firmwares untill 01/2017 Also super flyers and custom firmwares! On this page I will have the latest firmwares available for the Hubsan H501S, both standard and advanced. There are also videos for you to watch how to update the drone and transmitter. All files, and videos are provided by Hubsan,0

Welcome to the fleet Hubsan H501S

After reading so many things about the Hubsan H501S Standard edition, I have now got one myself and you will be able to read an extensive review right here on this website soon. First thought after unboxing are good! It is a sturdy drone, feels well built and the receiver has a good feel. I0

Media makes drones look bad

Over and over again you hear and read bad things about drones. “near” collisions with planes are the most common ones… I don’t want to spend too many words about this, but I think the media is seriously trying to make drones look bad. Why? there are so many good things about drones that you0

EU drone regulations almost ready

While the market for drones is rapidly developing and growing, common European rules only cover those weighing above 150 kilograms. Below this threshold, Member States are responsible to regulate. Several Member States have already adopted drone rules. While national rules allow expertise to grow, these rules are diverging and cause a fragmentation of the EU0

How to paint your drone

How cool would it be to have a drone that has the colour you want, instead of the standard colour. My drone was as white as white can be, and I find it a bit boring, that was my reason for the change. I have painted it in matte Navy Blue and Black, but every0

USB Mod UpAir One V4 – PX4 board

When you have a PX4 board, you should try to use QGroundcontrol instead of Mission Planner. You can download it here Some people already found out that they don’t have an USB port inside the drone. That is right! This is the V4 UpAir One It seems like G10 have silently updated the boards to PX40