Vortex Ring State explained

One thing we absolutely want to avoid is Vortex Ring State, also known as VRS. ….uhm… What? This means that your drone is falling out of the sky when descending, and nothing you can do about it… VRS happens when you are descending too fast with any rotorcraft (drones, helicopters)There are many difficult explanations for0

LiPo “C” rates explained

A LiPo battery (Lithium polymer battery) has multiple cells. each cell delivers around 3.7 Volts. A 3S LiPo would therefore supply 11.1V. Apart from the cells, you also have a ‘C’ value. You can see any kind of C value on a LiPo like 25C or 40C So, what does the C tell? C rating0

Balance Propellers

We have all seen footage from ourselves, or others that had a lot of vibration or so called jello. 9 out of 10 times this is caused by unbalanced propellers. Unbalanced propellers will cause vibrations in the drone, and that will not only affect your video or photo, but vibration is also bad for your0

How to put props on your drone

I think we all had this problem once, or maybe twice. Once you have put your propellers on the drone goes all over the place, or refuses to take off, it might even flip! This is caused by 1 thing only! propellers that are not on the right arm. Propellers are designed to generate thrust,0

Dbi explained

We all want to get the max out of our drones, and sometimes there is a very good reason to upgrade your antenna since not every drone has a decent antenna. But what antenna do you choose? There is a lot to tell about antennas and radiation and such, here I just want to tell0

Where to get UpAir One parts

One major concern for people that own, or want to buy an UpAir One drone is parts availability. GTen doesn’t have a great customer service, but we can manage ourselves! I want to have some parts for you right here on this page. There are more and more parts available, apart from the mainboard you0

Great flight in the snow

I had a great flight in the snow. At a wide open field covered in snow I took it to the skies. This is recorded with my UpAir One drone  

Tips to fly safe

We all want to have a safe flight. Even though crashes are part of the hobby, we want to keep them to an absolute minimum. This short and simple checklist could help you prevent crashes and other misery when flying. Make sure you are aware, and obey the rules and regulations in place. Not every0

Replace an UpAir One motor

Before you think that this is an easy job, be advised that you have to take apart the complete drone! There is no soldering required! The motor is soldered, but I am going to use connectors instead as I have heard that soldering on this board is not advisable. I have had a bad CCW0