Happy New Year

I want to wish all readers, and followers a very happy new year! For some it’s already 2017 at time of writing this post, some are still waiting. What a great year it was! I only started flying drones this summer, starting with a micro quad to get used to the controls, and look at0

A Cold winter flight

It was -4 this morning, and nature was covered in ice. The first thing on my mind was to get out and capture this. I grabbed my gloves, drone and car keys and drove off. The location I had in mind is only a 2 minute drive, and it’s a great place to fly, even0

Revell NanoHex review

Santa gave me a Revell NanoHex, and here is my little review. The contents of the package are: The Hexacopter, a remote, charging cable, instruction manual, and a spare set of propellers. This review is not long, there is not that much to tell, other than that this is a great toy. I have a0

New gimbal dampers review

Today I have received my new gimbal dampers. After replacing them I took them for a test flight. I am very happy with them, and I have lost my last little vibration that I always had in my video’s. The dampers were only €2,13 at AliExpress, and you can get them here. Here is the movie0

How to change gimbal dampers

In this post I want to show you how to change the gimbal dampers. For this post I am using a UpAir One v3 drone, but replacing the dampers is the same in general. The reason why I am changing the dampers is that I had a little crash not so long ago, and due to that0

Welcome new pilots

I want to say Hi to all new pilots! I hope you had a great drone for Christmas, or maybe even your birthday, or whatever occasion. Welcome in the great world of model flying, and in this case droning. No matter what kind of drone you’ve bought yourself, or got as a present, flying them0

Santa has been good for me

Well, my Santa knows how to please me indeed. I think I have got the best presents in the world, and he was early! Christmas eve! First there is a custom heli pad, with the logo on it! Ow boy how I like that! it is great to have my very own unique helipad!  0

Careful with LiPo batteries

A lot of new pilots are joining every day, and they are all very keen to get up in the air! This is great of course, and if you fly with care and caution there is no reason not to like it. But, all these new drones could cause a new risk.. LiPo fires! especially0