Tuning PID’s

If you have modded your UpAir you can do simple things like calibration and change some flying modes. But the mod also gives you the opportunity to adjust the PID’s The PID’s control how the drone behaves on user input and influences from outside like wind. Every drone is different, but it looks like UpAir0

Reset the ESC of an UpAir One

If for whatever reason one or more motors are not performing as they should, you could try to do a ESC reset. The ESC reset does exactly what it says, it resets the ESC’s in the drone, and supplies the same amount of power to all 4 of them. If you are planning to upgrade0

Auto Tune UpAir One

We all know that upAir is a great drone to tune and mod, and with this mod you can make it just that little bit better. *UPDATE* this has been done by a few people I know, and the results vary a lot. Please make sure you have a SCREENSHOT of the current settings. not0

How to set date and time on an UpAir One

Create a new text file called TIME.TXT (use CAPS) Put the file in the ROOT of your card Open the file and type YOUR current date and time in this format: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS so it would look something like this: 2017.03.05 16:40:00 Now save, and close the file. Put the SD card in your camera0

How to calibrate UpAir One Plus compass

This is the sequence to calibrate the compass on an UpAir One Plus drone Only calibrate the compass when UPair APP or the status indicator prompt you to do so. 1-When the Status” YELLOW” shows on the APP, start the calibration. The status shows “BLUE” after successful calibration of the first position. 2.Then starts the 2nd0

How to paint your drone

How cool would it be to have a drone that has the colour you want, instead of the standard colour. My drone was as white as white can be, and I find it a bit boring, that was my reason for the change. I have painted it in matte Navy Blue and Black, but every0

USB Mod UpAir One V4 – PX4 board

When you have a PX4 board, you should try to use QGroundcontrol instead of Mission Planner. You can download it here Some people already found out that they don’t have an USB port inside the drone. That is right! This is the V4 UpAir One It seems like G10 have silently updated the boards to PX40