JJRC Elfie

Selfie drones are hot, and JJRC have made a great selfie drone to try out this great new way of droning. Images are pretty good, and it is cheap enough to try it! And that is what I have done! This great drone is available in black, and soon also in pink! (pre order) You0

My thoughts about the JJRC H36

I think we all heard about Tiny Whoop drones. There are many knock offs around that have the same look. I have ordered the JJRC H36 last week because I wanted to know how a drone like this would fly. If you want one, And I think you will! here are some links. This is the0

Revell NanoHex review

Santa gave me a Revell NanoHex, and here is my little review. The contents of the package are: The Hexacopter, a remote, charging cable, instruction manual, and a spare set of propellers. This review is not long, there is not that much to tell, other than that this is a great toy. I have a0

New gimbal dampers review

Today I have received my new gimbal dampers. After replacing them I took them for a test flight. I am very happy with them, and I have lost my last little vibration that I always had in my video’s. The dampers were only €2,13 at AliExpress, and you can get them here. Here is the movie0

UpAir One v3 Review

After owning a few toy grade quads I have now got my hands on something different. I got it via Banggood, prices vary almost daily, but normally prices are between €300,- and €360,- The UpAir One v3! After opening the box I was amazed by the size and weight of the quad. The latest addition0

Hubsan X4 Desire H502E review

  I got my hands on a Hubsan X4 Desire H502E You can get one as well… it’s available at Banggood It’s the cheapest RTF drone available that has GPS,you can get it as cheap as €90.- shipped. It has brushed motors that explain the price. Some see it as a bad thing, personally I0