Great flight in the snow

I had a great flight in the snow. At a wide open field covered in snow I took it to the skies. This is recorded with my UpAir One drone  

Filming Fireworks

31-12-2016 I wanted to film the new-years fireworks, so I took the drone with me to our family visit. Around 22:00 I did a small test flight, I have never flown in complete darkness. And yes, I know you’re officially not allowed to fly drones at night, completely aware of that! There wasn’t much firework0

A Cold winter flight

It was -4 this morning, and nature was covered in ice. The first thing on my mind was to get out and capture this. I grabbed my gloves, drone and car keys and drove off. The location I had in mind is only a 2 minute drive, and it’s a great place to fly, even0

New gimbal dampers review

Today I have received my new gimbal dampers. After replacing them I took them for a test flight. I am very happy with them, and I have lost my last little vibration that I always had in my video’s. The dampers were only €2,13 at AliExpress, and you can get them here. Here is the movie0