Download Hubsan H502E and H502S firmware

On this page you can download the H502E-H502S Firmware This is the latest version available 2.1.35. NOTE: INSTALLING 2.1.35 ON A NON COMPATIBLE BOARD WILL BRICK IT! I had enough people trying to update a non compatible board blaming me for spreading faulty firmware, and destroying the hobby of someone. I will never, ever spread things0

Exchange flightboard Hubsan H502E/H502S

As you might have heard the Hubsan H502E/S has it’s problems. Some can fly hours and hours without problems, others crash after 2 flights. I am one of the last, and after changing motors several times, all under warranty, I have had a replacement board from Hubsan. If you want to replace your board, these0

Fixed the Hubsan H502E again

After another motor failure I have repaired the little Hubsan again. Even though this seems to be a big issue on these drones, I can’t stop loving it. It is a great flyer! It’s a pain to open her up every now and then, but when she’s up and running again it’s a great bird0