Upgrade motors in the UpAir

I have asked Gten what motors are fitted in the UpAir, and the answer was 2212 motors 920KV That made me start to think about the next mod on my UpAir. So I have ordered some red Racestar 2212 920KV motors from Banggood (LINK HERE) And it was time to take apart the drone.. again0

UpAir One strobe mod

this is probably the coolest mod you can do to your UpAir. Adding strobes makes it look a lot better. I have bought 2 strobes from FLyTron, Click here for the strobes My idea was to retrofit them in the UpAir, and replace the rear LED’s First you need to open up the drone, and0

Firmware upgrade UpAir One V4 camera

It appears that there is a firmware update available for the UpAir One V4 camera board. This is the one that is mounted under the UpAir that has a PX4 board! You can check this by removing the battery, and look up inside the drone. It says UpAir and a number.. if it says PX40