Hubsan H501S Standard

Well, Finally I have one myself, a Hubsan H501S. I have heard a lot about this drone, and this is my view. Want one yourself? Get yours HERE Transmitter LiPo’s can be bought HERE Extra batteries for the drone can be bought HERE Packaging: Packaging is great, it’s well thought of, and all the parts0

Download firmware for the Hubsan H501S

Link has been updated! latest firmwares untill 01/2017 Also super flyers and custom firmwares! On this page I will have the latest firmwares available for the Hubsan H501S, both standard and advanced. There are also videos for you to watch how to update the drone and transmitter. All files, and videos are provided by Hubsan,0

How to paint your drone

How cool would it be to have a drone that has the colour you want, instead of the standard colour. My drone was as white as white can be, and I find it a bit boring, that was my reason for the change. I have painted it in matte Navy Blue and Black, but every0

What makes a drone fly?

The drone you have is a very high tech piece of kit, even if you have a very cheap one! You have a controller and a drone, and the input from the sticks make the drone move. Easy right? But inside the casing of your drone is a very intelligent flightboard (mainboard or “Flight Controller”)0

Balance Propellers

We have all seen footage from ourselves, or others that had a lot of vibration or so called jello. 9 out of 10 times this is caused by unbalanced propellers. Unbalanced propellers will cause vibrations in the drone, and that will not only affect your video or photo, but vibration is also bad for your0

Great flight in the snow

I had a great flight in the snow. At a wide open field covered in snow I took it to the skies. This is recorded with my UpAir One drone  

JJRC Elfie

Selfie drones are hot, and JJRC have made a great selfie drone to try out this great new way of droning. Images are pretty good, and it is cheap enough to try it! And that is what I have done! This great drone is available in black, and soon also in pink! (pre order) You0

My thoughts about the JJRC H36

I think we all heard about Tiny Whoop drones. There are many knock offs around that have the same look. I have ordered the JJRC H36 last week because I wanted to know how a drone like this would fly. If you want one, And I think you will! here are some links. This is the0